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User Guidelines

By becoming a member of the forum, you agree with the following user guidelines - please do read and respect them!

1. No one is entitled to share materials uploaded by other forum members with people outside of this forum. If you want to share material, contact the respective authors personally.

2. We are all responsible for being respectful of and courteous towards others, their work, opinions and contributions
3. We are all responsible for cultivating this space for healthy discussion. Counter-arguments are considered healthy but...
4. ...We all avoid name-calling and responding to perceived tone as opposed to content
5. Participation counts. Set the tone, please make it interesting and useful to others by sharing resources and experiences.
6. We are all responsible for flagging problems or issues in a way that does not seek to shame.
7. If necessary, the administrators will delete comments or contributions that do not comply with these guidelines. In case you feel that the guidelines have been abused, please write to us so that we can take action.


Concerning privacy, see

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