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As a project that united us with the main aim to improve the Future of Work and Organizational Psychology, we are very happy to announce that our team and members list are growing significantly. Alongside with the growing impact and the new goals, we have noticed a great demand for more supporters and volunteers to take over some new responsibilities that keep arising as we grow. 

One of our main focuses has always been Equality and Development. With that being said, we would love to invite professionals, students or simply passionate supporters to join our team in our mission for the future.

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This team coordinates the overall direction of the FoWOP movement, and membership is open to any FoWOP member, whereby the team consists of a diverse group of academics from the field. Membership is temporarily and rotating.

The team members may suggest new initiatives and directions for FoWOP, and communicates with the various taskforces and coordinators to ensure maximal impact of the FoWOP movement, and translation of the manifesto into practice.

The position includes maintaining the membership file and contact details of the FoWOP network members. It is the contact point for new members/supporters (on the website), and one of the main responsibilities is welcoming new members to the network by introducing them to the various projects currently running in the network. Further responsibilities include moderating the mailing lists on the website, updating the guide and signposting the GDPR, privacy statement on the website, as well as communicating the GDPR to (new) members.


The position concentrates around communicating with members, suggesting new initiatives, liaising with external stakeholders (funding bodies, EAWOP) about the overall direction of FoWOP. This position can sit within the central coordination team, but with special focus on funding and maintaining contact with external bodies, such as EAWOP, AOM etc. One of the key aims would be seeking new opportunities for funding.

The responsibilities are mainly communication of all activities. It would be expected to provide an overview of current projects, status, activities and members involved. Most importantly this position is needed to summarise projects that are still in the idea-phase, proposals, who would like to do what. Last but not least, it includes inviting new members to join current and future projects.


A position to take over the coordination of the recruitment and selection of new members into roles and positions within FoWOP. The responsibilities include proactively searching for new members to take active positions within the network, and monitoring whether committees, taskforces and roles are well staffed and functioning.

This position involves managing and updating the social media streams FoWOP can be active in, including Facebook, and Twitter and Instagram which can be opened. In coordination with the website, newsletter coordinator and secretary. The social media coordinator actively promotes FoWOP across the digital spheres.


The responsibilities include sending out regular newsletters to the FoWOP network, coordinating communication with relevant FoWOP members for input for the newsletter, as well as maintaining contact with the secretary for distribution of the newsletter.

This group of FoWOP members discusses the implications of the Covid-19 crisis for work psychology, and contributes to solutions for a more sustainable future for WOP during after the pandemic.

Current project: FoWOP position paper on Covid-19 for SAJIP; ongoing discussion on Covid Response.

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