The Organizers

Tim Vantilborgh is an Associate Professor in the Work and Organizational Psychology research unit at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium. His work focuses on psychological contracts and temporal dynamics of workplace phenomena, but he is also interested in the search for substantive-methodological synergy and the adoption of open science practices in academia. He believes that FOWOP can help to improve the rigor of our research and make academia a healthier environment, by offering a platform where people can share experiences, discuss problems, and reflect on solutions, while taking into account the notion that many of the problems that we face are complex and systemic. In particular, the FOWOP meeting in Brussels will be exciting as it focuses on developing practical solutions that can help academics to improve their research practices and to create interventions that can be used to improve academic wellbeing.

Franziska J. Kößler is a doctoral researcher from Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Germany.  In her work, she focusses on ethnic diversity in work teams, social inequalities, precarious employment, and health. FoWOP allows her to take a critical perspective on her research, deepen her theorizing, and connect with colleagues.


Dieu Hack-Polay is an Associate Professor in Organisational Studies at the University of Lincoln, UK. He has a wealth of experience as a practitioner and an academic. He has published in numerous international journals and worked for several universities internationally. He has extensive first-hand experience working on several national and regional projects.

Theresa Leyens is a doctoral researcher in the Work and Organizational Psychology research group at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium. Her work focuses on personality dynamics at work, as well as person-environment interactions. 

To her, the FoWOP meeting is an opportunity to connect with people who share a similar vision for the future of I/O psychology and who aim to work towards positive change in academia, especially with regards to wellbeing in academia, rigorous research methods and promoting an open and diverse culture.