Dear all,


We hope that you are all in good physical and mental health. The current covid-19 crisis is affecting all of us and has substantially impacted how we all work. As organizers of the FOWOP 2020 meeting in Brussels, we are also monitoring how this crisis will affect our small group meeting. A potential silver lining of this crisis is that it may stimulate people to think differently about the future of work and about how we, as academics, research work.


At present, we plan to go ahead with organizing the FOWOP small group meeting in Brussels on the 9th – 11th of September 2020. It is difficult to assess at present how the covid-19 crisis will evolve, but it is possible that life will have returned somewhat to normal again in September. However, given that the we do not know how this crisis will evolve, we might still decide to postpone the FOWOP 2020 meeting to a later date. We plan to communicate whether or not the meeting will be postponed, by the beginning of July the latest.


In addition, we are looking into possibilities to attend the meeting in a virtual way, in case that some participants may still be unable to travel to Brussels in September. More information on this will follow in the next couple of months.


Our field now needs to unite and collaborate more than ever. We hope that our small group meeting can help to achieve that goal, with the help of all of you.




The organizing committee:

Edina Doci

Dieu Hack-Polay

Jennifer Pickett

Zoe Sanderson

Joanna Sosnowska

Tim Vantilborgh