Critical WOP

Critical Work Psychology is in its infancy. It is not a tradition, yet a promise that FoWOP sees as an inherent aspect of the future of work psychology. However, how do we know what critical WOP could mean to us? What we can do with it? How it could help us in becoming better researchers ourselves? Before us stands a tradition of centuries of critical thought, most of it never playing a significant role in work psychology, but with the promise of informing and enriching our understanding of individual behavior in the workplace. We aim to bridge the gap between critical thinking and contemporary work psychology, and create possibilities for mutual exchange. 

Our first project has focused on creating a Checklist for Critical WOP. This checklist is for anyone who is interested in becoming a more critical researcher, but has no or little idea how to do this. The checklist is also for anyone who is afraid of the term critical, and would never dare to label oneself as a 'critical researcher'. Being critical is not the privilege of eloquent intellectuals, but a mundane attitude to life and work that we should all be able to embody. Our checklist is the first step we are taking to help ourselves and anyone who wants to become more critical researchers. We explain briefly what critical WOP is or could be, and we offer a wide range of questions that we could ask ourselves when conducting our research. The Checklist is never finished, and any input is welcome. Feel free to spread, send it to colleagues and students, and discuss it.