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Critical Perspectives
of Work and Organizational Psychology

We are aiming to promote and establish critical perspectives in work and organizational psychology ('CWOP') in a variety of ways, such as informal and formal support for the development of publications, implementation for critical lecturing and co-ordinated network activities. Some of these activities are listed below. We are always keen for new people to become involved and an active discourse. We organise a variety of public events and activities to help this happen, you are very welcome to (uncommittally) join.  Please contact Dr Johanna Degen ( for more information.

I-CROP: Innsbruck group on Critical Research in work and Organizational Psychology 

Check the website for more information - 

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Checklist for Critical Research in WOP

Our first project has focused on creating a Checklist for Critical WOP. This checklist is for anyone who is interested in becoming a more critical researcher. Our checklist is the first step we are taking to help ourselves and anyone who wants to become more critical researchers. We explain briefly what critical WOP is or could be, and we offer a wide range of questions that we could ask ourselves when conducting our research. The Checklist is never finished, and any input is welcome. Feel free to spread, send it to colleagues and students, and discuss it. 

Here is some interesting work to help you get started in critical work and and organizational psychology

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