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Future of Work and Organizational Psychology is a collective of academics and practitioners across the world in the field of work psychology who are actively contributing to a future of academic WOP that is sustainable, relevant to society, and protects and promotes the integrity and dignity of individuals within and beyond the workplace.

Critical Work and Organizational Psychology

Health in academia

Practitioner network

Promoting equality in academia

Substantive-methodological synergies

Concrete Pillars

How to get involved?

Our movement is an opportunity to connect to like-minded academics and practitioners, and there are various ways you can become active:

Get in touch with people who are active in specific pillars, to find out what projects you can start or join (contact page will be updated soon).

Write an opinion piece or a blog post for our website (contact Dieu Hack-Polay,

Give a talk.

Organise a workshop or a training session.

Join our day at the EAWOP conference in Katowice, Poland, May 2023.

Take an active role, e.g., external relations, social media coordinator, website maintenance, activities coordinator (for details contact Yvonne van Rossenberg,

Where to START?

Sign the manifesto.

Add your profile to our website.

Drop us a line at

FOWOP - transition

We are updating our FOWOP website and reorganising the way we work, because we want to make it easier for people to connect. The updated website will have profiles of people associated with FOWOP (such as yourself), better overview of the ongoing projects, space for discussion, blog posts, and many other interesting features.


Over the past months a series of meetings were organised to further develop our movement. We would like to have these meetings open to all who are interested. Below are the meetings we have planned. If you would like to join please get in touch with Yvonne van Rossenberg (

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